The Restaurant

Authentic and innovative cuisine !

The menu is complete and varied. The dishes are renowned for being tasty and filling. From mushroom sauces to gratins baked in the wood fired oven, local specialties or simply pasta … everyone will find its favorite!



The baker’s “chaussons”, especially baked in the wood fired ovens became a “must” in our restaurant. More dietary meals such as salads and soups are not missing on the menu for those who prefer a lighter lunch.



In the middle of the “Chalets de l’Arc” you can admire the real wood fired ovens in which many dishes are prepared and which gives a very unique flavor to our Savoyard specialties.




The bread is also made entirely on site and baked in the old fashioned way in our wood fired ovens as well. We serve a whole loaf at your table and you can take home what ever is left after your meal.